Islam and American People Phobia

I have seen many news and also read posting in weblog about American fear for Muslim people (Islam), they think all Muslim has some kind of holy mission to dominate the world, and Muslim will do that with converting unbeliever to Islam (with force) or simply killing the unbeliever (example: with self destruction bomb). I was surprised to know it, but I also have funny feeling when think about it, why?

Islam is not the first that makes American people get phobia, because that phenomenon is only repeated, just like an old story when Japanese people were consider being a bad guy, every American people afraid and hate all things that related to Japan, but now many American loves it (anime, song, movies, etc). Same goes to Germany, USSR, until now Islam. Maybe some time Islam also will be loved, just when the “role” is changing (again).

I conclude that American people are easy to have overacted fear and get phobia, but also easy to forget about it. I think American People really need to be cured from their illness.

As a Muslim, honestly i never been taught, read in AlQur’an or Hadist something like Muslim must dominate the world or killing random unbeliever. Here is one surah in AlQur’an that clearly show and becoming base of how Islam must act with the other believer (religion):

“For you your religion, and for me my religion” (Al Kafirun 109-6)

And last, fear of American people is just like someone that fear a tame cat and mostly will tend to hurting it, but be careful, a tame cat also still can be very scary and fight back if being hurt. Please consider it.


3 Responses to “Islam and American People Phobia”

  1. Hey, moslem is not like fuck’in that. “for you, your religion, for me my religion.”
    is meaning that between moslem and the other religion must be keep far away for make a best peaceful.. Al-Qur’an never says that moslem must war or killing unbeliever moslem. Al-Qur’an is holy book that teaching peace of world. If the other religions thinks moslem is same as barbarian, the thinker of that is barbarian! Not moslem. Moslem must jihad. Jihad is defence from enemy’s attack! Jihad is not attack an enemy. Islam never teach us for attack, but defence and defence from enemy..!

  2. I think you misunderstand me, these words mean (“for you, your religion, for me my religion.”) moslem basically will not disturbing other religion, it doesn’t mean to keep far away.


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