About Me

Who is me?

I’m a normal human being with truly normal life, nothing special. Just i have to many thought dancing in my mind… i think. For introduction, my name is Adhitya Ramadhan Putra(just call me Adhit), live in Indonesia. My favorite food, hobby, etc are not really important to inform.

Why i create this blog is because my feeling to inform and share my thought to the world is unbearable anymore.

P.S.  This blog may put writing from other source, because i want to share writing (post or article) that i like to the others, just that. I hope no one complain about that


3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. 🙂

  2. Abdullah Says:

    Hey Adhit , I love your posts and really enjoying it
    may Allah (swt) give you the best of this life.

    Greetings from Saudi Arabia!

  3. Assalamu’alaikum Adhit…
    Mau tanya Majalah Aneka Jepang edisi 316-nya. Soalnya sy ga selalu ke Kedubes Jepang untuk mengambil majalah itu. Sedangkan artikel yang Adhit poskan ini saya mau kutip dlm makalah. (Proposal Skripsi) ttg “Perkembangan Islam di Jepang: Benturan antara Budaya dan Agama.”
    Mau info halamannya saja…
    Gmn?? Bisakan??

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